Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wait, Abby got a pet?

Many of you may know how I feel about pets. The little creatures ever so loving, who love to lick you, jump on you, scratch you, slobber on you, leave hair on you, ruin household items, etc, etc, attack you at young ages, scar you for life, the list goes on! But it's more than that, it is a straight up fear most moments! Needless to say (I would hope) that we just haven't ever gotten along too well. Actually, I take that back. I had a little pug once. We played and had fun, but the fun was cut a little short one day after living on 5th street.

Anyways, I'm great at getting side tracked (especially in stories) haven't you noticed yet?

Back to the point, animals and I are a nahhhh. We will stay that way, most likely, unless God puts the most amazing, loving (without hair, licks, slobber, etc) creature in my path.

SO, I decided to get a pet or pets I should say. I'm taking it easy with some fish for the time being. I haven't named them yet, but I will let you know. They kind of get hungry (like their owner), so if you want to feed them feel free. They are at the top right of my page. Click your mouse to feed them :)

After I have the fish for a week (give or take) I will adopt a different pet. Pretty excited about this step in my life. If I get too attached to a pet (or if YOU do) then let me know and I can readopt or just keep them. I may leave the pets nameless for a few days if you want to name them.  You will have to comment and boom. They will have names.

Xoxo feed my fishies :)


  1. All, I am seeing is blank square with nothing in it. Maybe the fish will swim by when I comment??

  2. You should see them! Hmm, maybe try again? If you put your mouse in the box they will follow your mouse too. Try that.

  3. I can see them on my desktop but not on my iPad, hmmm....I have named the white one "Snowball", what do you think???

  4. That is odd. How are you liking your iPad?! I think Snowball is a great name, i'll smile every time I see him :)