Monday, January 14, 2013

Explanation of Title for all you Non-Brits

If reading the letters "uni" in sequence automatically made you think of University of Northern Iowa...then we are in the same boat. I had read this a few times over here, but hadn't bothered to ask until my flatmates were saying it in a lot of sentences (pronounced like the beginning of university but the "i" is like "e".) That is the term for university which everyone uses. I learned quickly that you don't say "school" either, because that is when you are 3-16 years of age. And don't say "college" because that's 16-18 years. So it's uni. 
Examples: Are you going to uni? How do you like uni? .....or for the life of a uni student on twitter perhaps... just ate cold pizza #unayyyyy ....... chundered last night #unayyyy 

Brum is short for Birmingham, and if you live here you are a brummy. 
Tip: If you say Birmingham like an American and pronounce the whole word... you are incorrect. Try saying it up to the "g" and then just say "um" for the rest. Then you shall at least be on the right track. 

**I reckon I will use British English to give you a bit of taste while blogging, so comment if you have any questions on the terms! (or any questions that spark up really, because i ask my flatmates everything). 
My cup of tea while writing. :) 

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