Friday, January 25, 2013

Cadbury World!!

Yesterday, 24 January, Sophie, Katie, Jess, and I went to Cadbury World. If you are unsure of the Cadbury brand it's that delicious creme egg that you eat during Easter, or maybe you prefer their mini eggs? 

We purchased our tickets (2 for 1 purple Thursdays!) and headed towards the entrance to the exhibit! We were stopped before we went in to show our tickets and to receive our..... first free chocolate bars! 

The Curly Wurly was my favorite out of the two. It was caramel in the inside and chocolate on the outside. It tasted like Milk Duds (mmmmm)! The Crunchie looked like a Butterfinger, but the middle was more airy (and I thought the middle tasted a like burnt caramel) or something like that. It was hard to put an exact taste down for it. I wasn't the biggest fan of that. I'll stick to my Curly Wurly! 

After we received our chocolate bars, we headed through the doors.. Little did we know that it was a time machine dating way back to... 

Where we saw the Cacao tress and their cocoa beans being harvested. 

We continued our journey to find out where the creator (John Cadbury) thought up his idea. 

Did you ever guess it would have been in a tea shop!? A lot of shops starting offering chocolate drinks (and I don't believe it was hot chocolate, if I remember correctly it was a thick something). Anyway, he needed to keep up with the other shops and so he starting creating his own chocolate drink. He started making really good chocolate, and made a eating bar of it. People loved it, and so he had a little factory in the city of Birmingham producing chocolate bars.  The demand grew and he needed a bigger factory to produce. He thought if people liked living in the country that surely they would like working there. So he found some land about 4 miles away from Birmingham that had canals and a railway right by it, and thought that it would be a good place for his factory. He built places for the workers to live so they could walk to work, and then he built things for the workers to do and enjoy (swimming pool, play courts). He made a little town out of his factory and he named it Bournville. 

We were continuing through our adventure and were at a little sitting where they were showing us a movie about the long process of their chocolate making, when the fire alarms went off. We all had to evacuate the building!! (This was not apart of the "tour")... we asked.

This is all of the people evacuating and even some factory works if you look closely! 
We had a good laugh about this, but when we finally go to go back in the building a field trip of 50 6-7 year olds caught up with us. We tried to hurry and get ahead of them, but for the rest of the trip we were right by them. At that point we felt a little old being there, but then didn't care. :)

One of my favorite parts of the tour was riding in a little car/cart thing that showed us some animated cocoa beans. 

How cute are they!? I thought it was pretty entertaining!! (I'm sure the 7 yr olds did too ;) 

They were making and decorating chocolate shoes!! If you know me, you know I have a small thing for shoes. How awesome!! 

And the last stop of our trip we got to taste melted chocolate and got to pick something to put inside! I picked shortcake bites (it was a hard decision between that and white chocolate discs). It was amazing! The melt chocolate. Oh my goodness. 
I'm sure you can SEE what i'm talking about now! 

I hope you enjoyed your "trip" though the Cadbury Factory with me! I did have to eat some of the chocolate while I blogged this..... and I am just going to assume that I have made your mouths water and crave some chocolate now! 

Cheers to the weekend! I am going to Liverpool tomorrow (home of The Beatles). What are you doing this weekend?

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