Sunday, January 20, 2013

"The Bet"

So, the bet all started last term after the 6th flatmate moved out. This left an empty room in flat 86 to possibly become occupied.

Emma and Tara made up a story that a 6th flatmate had finally moved in. "She" was from Nottingham, and was studying psychology. "She" had brown hair, and was not considered "fit".
The whole flat knew besides Steph, who lives 3 steps across from us. We consider Steph to be a part of our flat. Steph wanted to meet the new flatmate, but "she" was out with her parents. "She" had moved in because she didn't like her previous accommodation. Every time Steph wanted to meet her, "she" was conveniently busy or gone. Finally, they had to admit that the new flatmate did not exist and that it was all made up for good fun.

UNTIL....... ANOTHER 6TH FLATMATE CAME.... (dun, dun, dun)

When I moved in, I talked about seeing Tilly for a couple minutes. Tilly did not text any of the other flatmates about my arrival. So, when Tara arrived she was welcomed by the news, and did not believe her. Tilly persuaded Tara and swore she was not lying, so when Tara ran into Rose and Char and told them about me they were unsure. Char said she would believe it when she saw it (or met me). Rose just didn't believe it, because when they asked to meet me I was gone with my parents which was the exact same story that they told the first time. In the end, so Rose agreed to bet Tara 5 pounds that there was no new flatmate and that it was all made up.

Rose still hasn't paid......

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