Friday, January 18, 2013

Meet the Flatmates!!

When I started moving my things into my room no one was at our flat. I saw 6 doors, so that meant I had 5 flatmates. They had notes posted all over their doors, and I could tell right away that they were all very close. I walked into the kitchen and I could see they were all very close AND liked to have a lot of fun. 

To be honest, I was really nervous to meet them. What if they were the 5 best friends ever and didn't want an intruder? What if they were perfectly happy without a 6th flatmate? What if they wanted me to stay locked in my room because I was a "fat, stupid American"?? For those of you who don't know me well... I have quite the imagination and can make up the most mental thoughts (gruesome, nasty, funny, weird, etc. etc. etc.)  

So the first one I met was Tilly. She was bringing some of her belongings inside and I ran out to introduce myself (while my parents were in my room all giddy for me to meet my first flatmate). She was in a hurry and didn't have much time for talk. She actually didn't even tell me her name (I found out the next day), but what she did tell me was that they had an extra room in the flat... because the girl who used to live in my room didn't like them (the 5 of them) and moved out. That's all I found out that day, and I was like oh great. I am not going to be welcomed!! (to be continued....)

                                                           This is Sophie and Tilly. :) aka Till.

Rose. Rose is another flatmate of mine. Her nickname is "Podge", "because she is cute and squishy". Rose is from Southern England and has a "Posh" accent, which she gets reminded of... all.the.time. The good news, I can understand her really well for the most part! 

Emma. Emma aka Em. (which makes me think of my sister) Emma is from Liverpool aka A Scouser and she speaks scouse. I don't know what any of this means, but for your understanding... she speaks like you would think someone from England speaks. 

Tara. Tara aka Taz. Tara is from London, well Zone 8 (Northwestern London). Tara is kind of hard to understand for me sometimes, because she has the thickest accent. With all the girls we will sit and they will say phrases in "American" accent, and I will try out my English accent. Tara does a mean impression of Forrest Gump and a few other characters. She also isn't too shabby at the American impression! My favorite thing about Tara is that she punched a bouncer at a club and was then kicked out. She snuck back in at a later date, they found her and banned her for quite a while. I should mention this is at the guild which is an on campus bar at uni, and if she gets caught again her education will be jeopardized. :) 

Charlotte. Charlotte aka Char. Char would probably understand Logan the best, because she has grown up on a farm. When she came back from the Christmas holidays she brought some milk. Fresh milk from the cows on her farm. I was like wow! Someone who might understand the small town from which I come! She loves rocks. Like really, really love rocks. She got a geology hammer for Christmas and was absolutely thrilled. 

All these girls bring something different to the table. I have a different connection with each of them and I couldn't have been more fortunate to be place in their flat. As soon as I moved in and met all of them I knew that I would have the study abroad experience that I had always dreamed of. My biggest worry was being placed with "bad" flatmates (which to me would be closed minded, didn't need anymore friends and were content, and just didn't like me or whatever else). What I got were flatmates who were opened minded, and could teach me everything there is to know about England (and elsewhere). At the end of my study abroad experience I will owe at least 60% to them, because they made everything perfect. 

I have met so many of their friends, and all their friends are really welcoming too. (One of the first male friends I had met of theirs hugged me goodbye when he stopped by for like 5 minutes,  because he said he would be around a lot and I had better just get used to it) A lot of people like my "accent" I have even been told by a stranger "Where are you from?! Your accent is beautiful!" You don't really think about that, but now you might give it another thought. 
Everyone is extremely nice here, and if they find out you're from the US they might even want to name the 50 states for you :) I always enjoy that one.  

While I am writing Em and Till decide to come lay on top of me. :) It's like I have been since the beginning of the term when they all met for the first time! 

(Continuing...) Later... I find out that the previous flatmate (Katie) just kept to herself and wouldn't do anything with the other flatmates. She came into the kitchen and said, if it looks like i'm moving out.. I'm not. I'm just going to my friends place and taking some stuff. And Emma says.. Well you're not going to pull a runner on us are you? (jokingly, ha ha) And Katie's face had a deer in the headlights look... and Emma said... Oh my gosh you are moving out!! 
She was trying to sneak and move out without telling them. 
She later justified that she was homesick and didn't really fit with them. But they didn't really care, because they never saw her anyway. 

                           All of us minus Tara! But it's Em, Rose, Char, Me, and Till


  1. Hi Abby, I have been wondering how come you didn't post anything for several days..I hope the new blog is A-OK now. I will try to catch you on Skype sometime this weekend so we can chat. Tell Char that your Gram likes rocks too. We should go Geode hunting together!!!!

  2. Me too! I will get on in a little bit and see if you are available for a call. I told Char. She is going on a trip to Whales soon to do rock things!