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I journeyed to Liverpool yesterday, 26th of January with Jessica (Kansas) and Katie (she's from Canada). We had a jam packed day. I got up at 4 a.m. to get ready and was out of the flat by 5 to walk to the bus station to meet up with Jess and Katie. (I turned on my computer and got on Facebook and it was really weird seeing people at up that time! It was only 10 p.m. your time!) 
Anyway, we hoped on the bus to take us to the train station. We were the only ones in our cart during the 2 hour journey. That was kind of nice! We arrived in Liverpool at 8 a.m. 

We were headed towards Liverpool Cathedral. It's the largest Anglican Cathedral in the Uk, and the 5th largest in the world!! Pretty awesome. 

A picture of the street we were walking down to get to the Cathedral. The sun was rising.. beautiful! 

Before we made it to the Liverpool Cathedral, we ran into a different but  a very unique church. 

This is called the Bombed Out Church, because it was bombed by Germany (like a lot of England cities were) in WWII. In 1811 was the beginning of construction (finished in 1831) and bombed in 1941.
The shell still stands but the inside has nothing (I saw a grass growing in there). 

You can see through the windows. I think they may hold events in there. I saw a sign for the Chinese New Year, that they are hold a movie in there (for you to sit on the ground and enjoy!) 

Well, we finally made it to the Liverpool Cathedral. Isn't she huge? 

The picture doesn't do it justice, or can you tell how big it is? It was just amazing. If you look at the tower and see the little slots between the tall points, keep this in mind... and I will show you pictures because I got to go up there. 

This is the inside. 

This is how tiny we are. 

One more of the ceiling and the arches. 
If you want a better idea (and pictures) of the Liverpool Cathedral I would suggest googling it, because somehow I don't take as good of pictures as the internet provides! I don't know how that works out..... ;) 

We finished looking at the main part of the Cathedral and it was time to go to the top of the tower (for a small fee of 4 pounds). We went in an elevator to floor 5, walked up the steps to get into another elevator to floor 10. Walked up 108 steps (passing the bells)
and finally reaching the top. 
So far the journey to the top of the tower hadn't been worth my four pounds. 
I walked out the doors and was blinded by the sun, and my breath was instantly taken away by the view (instantly worth my 4 pounds!) I could see all of Liverpool. It was amazing!! 

These are the little slots I was talking about in my first picture of the Liverpool Cathedral. These are what I was looking through, and sticking my camera through! I was a little nervous, because it is my dear gram's camera and not my own! Don't worry grandma, I didn't drop it :) 

After our view of Liverpool, it was time to actually go see more of Liverpool. 
Next stop: The Beatles Museum. 
Liverpool aka Home of The Beatles. 
The Beatles Story is a wonderful museum that takes your through the life of The Beatles. From how they all came out meeting and playing music together to their rise of fame. As you went through you had endless little things to look at and audio to entertain. I learned more than I would have ever thought about The Beatles. 
Like how they were turned down by so many record companies in London, before one guy (who wasn't extremely satisfied) said ok (but also said that if he had known that they had been turned down as many times as they had that he would have never signed them). 

The Beatles played very often in Liverpool at the Cavern Club (291 times) and at the Cavern Pub. This is what their set up looked like at the Cavern Club. 

After all these years I still don't understand why people can't get it straight. It's Abby. With a "y". Not an "ey"!! :)

At the end of the tour we all had to accept that The Beatles are no longer together, and will never be together again. 

We moved on with our lives and went to check out the Liverpool Museum. It is a new museum right on the water front. We enjoyed looking at things in the museum, but didn't take the time to read and learn about Liverpool's history.. oops! Had to keep moving...

Next we had a little lunch and walked around Albert Dock. 

Liverpool is oh so pretty. Don't you agree?
Our cameras were all dying at the end of the day (awfully sad). I didn't get to take pictures of the "famous" part of Albert Dock. It is where we had lunch and walked around shops. It's all covered by brick and then has red pillars all around. If you would like to see what i'm talking about then google "Albert Dock Liverpool" you'll have to see for yourself! 

We also went to Merseyside Maritime Museum. I really enjoyed this museum. I learned way more about the Titanic and some about slavery. 
The Titanic has a big history with Liverpool. The family who that owned the company that were creating these giant cruisers were from Liverpool. The ship didn't actually sail  from Liverpool but a town a few miles away. When the ship sunk it was the Titanic's sister shipped who received the call and turned to help rescue the passengers. Just a little bit of information for your Sunday. 

The last  part of the trip was probably one of the coolest things I've done since I've been in England. We went to the Cavern Pub where The Beatles have played (we didn't go to the Cavern Club where they played 291 times, but if we go again we will). It was literally the Pub on one side and the Club on the other side of the street. Probably 50 feet away from each other. We walked into the Cavern Pub and music was already jamming out. We were having a good time listening (with all these older people haha) when this man about my dad's age tells me that the band playing was a popular band about 20 years ago. They tried and tried to make it, but nobody would sign them (though they should have). This is the first time they have been together in 20 years playing. So we just happen to come on a perfect night to get a great show!! (for free!) 

After the show we ate some dinner and walked back to the train station. After hearing an extreme fight on the way back to Birmingham we decide to call it a night. We got back to our flats around midnight, and I didn't go to bed til 1 a.m. I was almost up for a full day, but it was all worth it! Liverpool was a great place and we are excited to go back if we have some time! 

Until then, we will "Let It Be". 

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