Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Meet Hank

This is Hank the Hedgehog.  He is my new pet of the week. You are supposed to be able to feed him strawberries, but they must not be in season because I can't find any! I have found the strawberries!! You may have to scroll a little down in Hank's box. Then you click the little "more" tab. It puts a strawberry on your mouse. You have to click your mouse near Hank's mouth from him to eat it. Don't be impatient!! He will at the whole things after a few clicks, hey, he is a growing little dude!  He's pretty cute though. He does more tricks than the fishies. If you click on his nose he will jump, and I have even gotten him to curl into his little ball! :)

I'm pretty excited about Hank for a few reasons. The first reason I chose him was for my roomie Jacque. She likes a variety of animals, especially Paris (her kitty cat). But she keeps wanting to bring pets into our apartment. Kelsey (my other roomie) did bring a cat, and soon took her home a few days later (due to landlord drama)..... things you have to deal with when you grow up... geeeshh

Nonetheless, Jacque has been trying to come up with some master plan to bring a pet into our apartment.  It will not be allowed in my room, and my door will be shut at all times. After showing me many animals that we could possibly own, I liked her mini hedgehog idea the best.

They are kind of cute! 
What do you think??
Will Jacque buy a hedgehog for our apartment next year? Added spice to our junior year?? 

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  1. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm,,,,I don't know about the hedgehog, don't think I would want one in my house.!!!