Sunday, November 10, 2013


We wait until 5 am to get on the metro. We were advised that it probably be best that we didn’t walk alone to that hostel at 3 am. Hey, safety first.. I was all about waiting. There were a lot of homeless people sleeping in the train station. I didn’t exactly feel comfortable with all of them staring at us either. 5 am comes and the metro starts running. We arrive safely at our hostel. They were so nice and let us sleep an hour in the common room since our room obviously wasn’t ready yet.

Around 8 am we set off to explore Prague. The little sleep had some effect on my walking. The crosswalk was red. However, when the flashing hand has numbers that’s how much time you have to cross. (Or so I thought.. I think that is how it is elsewhere)… nothing like making assumptions in other countries. Or just taking the time to stop and observe the traffic… Nope… I just start crossing the street with the “hand” principle in mind and cars were in the most literal sense dodging and honking at me. (Yes, I am still walking with my boot and a crutch) Somehow I successfully make it across without getting hit. Once I realized what I did (partly because Jess and Sophie were on the other side of the street flabbergasted) we couldn’t stop laughing. They were yelling at me Abby!! Abby!! Are you crazy?! It was one of those moments when you are so shocked that you can’t even say something to stop them. What the hell Abby. Apparently we need to wake up some more—or just me. So we decided the next best option was to stop at McDonalds for breakfast.

We had some time before our walking tour that we decided we were going to go on. I would suggest if you are curious where to start in a city to ask anyone about the walking tour (because more often than not they have them—and a lot of times they are free) then you can see the city some and decide what you would like to see more from that. This one was free. There is a lot of history in Prague, so we were filled with information. The funniest part about this tour was the beginning. Our tour guide gives us the low down on what we are about to do blah, blah, blah. Then says ok one last thing before we take off—safety. Prague has the highest rate of fatal accidents with pedestrians due to their crosswalk law only began in 2001. A lot of the older people are having a hard time adjusting to it, and so don’t follow it too closely. So be really careful crossing the streets. Oh. My. Gosh. If that didn’t do us about in… well, hello everyone, my name is Abby and I am happy to be alive.

We really need naps. Along with their history Prague also is known for its nightlife. We enjoyed ourselves a bar crawl. And that is all I will say about that. J  

Me, Jess, and Soph!! 

Our friend from Australia 

And the boot of course. 

This morning we grabbed our free breakfast and went to the train station. No running, sweating, or out of breath. We had a nice 5 hour ride to Berlin to look forward to. Prague went by in a flash. It’s been a week since Rome and 4 countries between. Crazy. Crazy. We have 2 nights in Berlin, 2 in Amsterdam and 5 Paris. Our trip is winding down, but so much left. Our bodies hurt. Not only does traveling take a toll on you, but so does packing up and not getting enough sleep.

I am starting to really want my bed and my flatmates back. England will be nice to get back to.
I tried not to think of home and missing it.  I knew I couldn’t have it for another couple months. People asked if I got homesick. After I hurt my foot and Sophie’s phone stolen it was hard not to get homesick. But it is all a mind game. Home wasn’t an option. I was traveling and then going back to England to take my exams. That was my home.