Monday, April 29, 2013

The Troshynskis are in London!

On the 22nd of March I took off for London.  Now, in England you might have one snow fall... Ok, well, yeah, I already told you all about that. I even told you about the 2nd and really really unusual happening of that snow fall... ok, yeah..

Well, on the 22nd of March a nasty fall of slushy-snow presented itself for a 3rd time in the England winter. Yuck. So I boarded my mega bus with wet feet. :( 
My mega bus was a bit late because they had closed down the main road into Birmingham. Yep. (By the way, I took mega bus for 4 pounds rather than paying for a 30-50 pound train ticket). My bus took me into London and my train took me to the suburbs only to be picked up by some wonderful people who are family to me--THE TROSHYNSKIS!

Bill, Shannon, and Rachie. 

When they lived in London 13 years ago they made some great friends--Roy and Greta.  We all stayed at Roy and Greta's house. We had a wonderful time hanging out, having some brews, sleeping it... it was vacation! What else are you supposed to do? 

On Saturday Roy drove us all into London so we could drive by the main sights and stop at Harrods  .....there is little Rachie! 

We didn't have very nice weather in London. It was cold and either snowing or raining the whole time. 

On Sunday, Shannon, Rachel, Sophie, and I went to Harry Potter Studio Tour. I have been waiting for this moment!!! 

It was amazing and worth every pence of my 30 pound ticket. However, I left the studio tour feeling pretty gloomy. The actual sets from the movie are in this big warehouse and you see everything and how all the magical movies could be put together. 
But it made it seem not real having the burrow a little box with no front and just so.... set like. And that is how everything was! I mean I guess that what studio tour means but........... 
I know that they just had to make "sets" and everything so the wandering muggles don't try and get too far into the magical world. Some (silly) ones would just look at this and cry because it's over. But not I. I know that it is real. So i'm going to stick with that. :) 

We all enjoyed it. It was a long tour showing us absolutely everything. It took 2-3 hours in total. It was also kind of sad leaving because that meant that it was time for them to take us to our lonely hotel and to back to Roy and Greta's house.  

I was really really happy that they were able to come to England, and that they have such good friends here to continue to visit. It was just what I needed for a half way point abroad and before taking of on a months journey.  When they dropped us off at the hotel the next morning we flew to Barcelona. 

Thank you for your hospitality Roy and Greta!! 

Thank you for coming to England Bill, Shannon, and Rachie. :) 
Miss you! See you soon!! 


  1. I'd love to see 'Harry's' world. I like the books, best, not the movies as much, so, I don't think I'd mind the sets. Besides, I have a great imagination, so, I can just 'add in' what is missing. Enjoy your time away from home. Those memories will stick with you for the rest of your life. I spent 30 days in 7 countries, way back in 1985. I'd love to visit again one day.

  2. I love the books too. I would agree that they are better than the movies because using your imagination is what makes half the fun. Wow that is amazing. I realize how lucky I am to be able to do this at all, especially at a young age. I am not even back and I cannot wait to plan more trips. Thanks for commenting and sharing your memories!