Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I am about to start blogging about my adventurous Eurail trip.  While I was gone jumping from train to train is I decided to write out my blog posts. So these posts are the frame of mind I was in at the time and place where I wrote these posts. I have some different insights now that I have been traveling for a while, but I will share my original thoughts and then add in others that I have now (if need be) at the end. 

So if these posts seem a little odd, that is because they were written a month ago. I have changed so much (or maybe I should say have learned SO much) while gone that I think my posts are even a bit odd now. 

But let this adventure begin! It all seems so long ago that I will have to relive all this again. 


Ok, maybe I should explain a bit more before I jump in. What is Eurail? It means Europe by rail (aka trains). It is a ticket... an (expensive) ticket that you buy for however many days there are different options. At the time we (Sophie and I) bought our tickets there was a special where we got 3 days free. So our ticket was valid to travel for 21 consecutive days + 3 free days. So 24 straight days of trains if we wanted. Valid in 24 countries. 
So we could get on a train (if it doesn't say reservation compulsory) and if they asked for our tickets we would show them our Eurail passes and that was that. The reservation trains we had to pay extra for (sucky, but there is nothing you can do about it). 

If you are looking to Eurail and wonder about the price... I will say that if you are literally going to country hop like we did then it is completely worth your money. You won't be able to travel as quickly, to as many countries, and for the cost we did any other way. However, in Europe flights are cheap, so if you looking to go to a couple countries and spend time there than flying or buying a couple train tickets would probably be for you.  

So here we go.... 24 days of train time, 32 days of free time, and 10 countries---lets do this.    

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