Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Hi everyone :)

Before I get started on my amazing Easter break blog posts I have a few to catch up on. I hope to be able to give you one every three days or so. I will try my best, but no promises!! 

P.S. While I was gone I wrote out all my posts so they may sound a little weird, but that is because they were written a month ago. 

I made a trip to Oxford two weeks before Ireland and I didn't care to blog about it (laziness) but i'll share a few key points like Oxford University. ......."didn't care to blog about it" meaning that Oxford wasn't the most amazing place I had seen so I feared for a boring blog post. 

The main thing about Oxford University besides it being ancient is their great hall (for me at least). The idea for JK Rowling's great hall is said o have come from Oxford's great hall. 

This is Oxford University from the outside. My brain was convinced that it could have been apart of the movies somehow. 

Like this picture reminded me of when they had their first broom lesson with the blue sky and green grass. 

Courtyard inside Oxford University. Beautiful. 

Back to the great hall business. (I'll show you in a second, because it is not even the best part)
The stairs leading up to Oxford's great hall are the stairs/staircase from the 1st Harry Potter movie right before they are about to go into the great hall to be sorted. AH!! I stood on this staircase. 
That is where the movie really takes off by Harry shutting down Malfoy in being his friend and picks Ron. Ahh, what a glorious day. 

Second thing to note was there was a cute Alice in Wonderland shop there because he went to school at Oxford University. 

Third thing.. I earned my 4h point by having my first British fish n chips. It was really good! I definitely liked having the tarter sauce on it though. Speaking of points... I earned my 3rd point by eating ostrich burger. We have markets on campus once a month and they have ostrich so I sucked it up and put myself out there. Not too bad!! Definitely different than the beef I am used too. I am glad I tried it, but come on... you can't beat Iowa/NE beef. 

This is probably my most boring blog post. I promise the ones to come are pretty exciting! I had to get this one out of the way, but hey the worst is over (hopefully). 

I have a paper due in on the 1st. It is my whole grade for my history class this semester. I am in England and like traveling (as you have seen) and sometimes I am lazy (as you have also seen). I didn't attend any of the history classes because I didn't really enjoy them. So if you are wondering where the hell the posts are this next week, I am trying to pass my class by writing a really nice paper! OR maybe you'll see many blog posts and pictures because I am doing everything but writing my paper. We will see. :) You can place your bets below............ 

P.S. Found out some pretty exciting news about coming home to Iowa the 31st of May. Wow, how do 5 months go by so quickly? 

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  1. Nice to see you posting again, Abby..I wouldn't call this boring either and I am looking forward to more...