Monday, February 25, 2013

Stratford-Upon-Avon/ Warwick Castle

Home of Shakespeare, if you were not aware. 

Last weekend, February 17th, we ventured to Stratford-Upon-Avon and Warwick Castle. 
It was a trip organized by the university. My friends and I decided to help on the trip, because that way we got there for free! We all paired up and were the "leaders" of the coach buses. I was so surprised at how many people were going. I think there was 5 coaches full!  I thought they would be exchange students like ourselves, but they were mostly from Asia and probably studying higher levels of education. Oh well! I was with all my friends, so nothing beats that! I was with some new people that I haven't introduced you to yet, so here they are! 

Clare (Ohio), me, Annie (Connecticut), Alison, Jamie, Katie (all Canadians), Jess (Kansas), Sophie (Alabama), and Amanda (New York)
*This photo is taken at Warwick Castle. 

So, we got to Stratford, and we need some coffee. Well, after a quick look around the area we did the typical American (sorry Alison, Jamie, Katie) and went to McDonalds! ha!!  
Most people got their drinks there, then we decided, well, since we are here... and then we got a little breakfast. I had brought food with me, but decided to get a hash brown. I'm not ashamed because that greasy potato was delightful. :) 

Then we headed to the famous RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company) Theatre. 

We went in, but you had to pay (what seemed like WAY too much) to see and get a tour of the theatre. So we looked around what we could, and bought a few things in the gift shop from previous or current shows showing. I bought a "I've been to the chokey" pin. Who knows or remembers that old movie?!? I'll check my comments to see if anyone has figured it out....

I am hoping to go back to the theatre in May with my roommate Tilly. Her father lives near by, so it'll be nice to see a show there! I figured when I bought my show ticket, that would double at getting to see the inside as well. 

Next, we ventured off to see where Shakespeare was laid to rest! Funny what we tourist do. 
He would be resting at the Holy Trinity Church.

Above is the ceiling. It was different than what I have seen in the other churches so far.

This is his grave. You have now seen it for free. I had to pay 50p. ("p" stands for pence, so it was only a half of a pound. About 70 cents.) 

Stratford was a cute little town with lots of shopping and little eating places. If you didn't want to pay around 30 pounds to see and know everything about Shakespeare's life, then it was a relaxing little stop. That is quite expensive about 50 dollars, and it wasn't worth for me to see inside his house for that! 

However, what was worth my money was a Museum of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

We had to walk around this with a piece of paper and candle light. 

We weren't supposed to touch anything, but this awesome lady sorted us! 

I don't want to brag, but I was Gryffindor.

We completely the magic spell. 

And became Witches!!!!!!!!!!! 

Took a break for some butter beer. 

And we all got our wands. What a better day!!! 
As exciting as it was, I am still counting down the days til I go to actual Harry Potter World!! This helped me get through the days until then :) 

Next, we went to Warwick. I don't know much about Warwick besides that it was starting to be built in the 14th century and was working and being lived in in the 15th century. It was amazing how big it was. The huge stones are amazing. Makes you wonder how they did it all. Hmmm.

Here are a few pictures... 

 Sword fight above. 
Wax people below. Kind of freaked me out. At a glance you would have never known if they were fake. 

We got to watch the thing above fling a giant fire ball. It was pretty neat. 
Above they would keep bears changed in this room and have bear fights! 

And I leave you with a nice medieval horse. :)

This post was me being behind on my blogging. I just got back from Finland and Sweden last night, so you can expect more posts if not tonight tomorrow for sure!! 

Have a nice week everyone!!  


  1. Matilda!!!!!
    - Rachie T

  2. Such a great movie!! We loved it!!!

  3. What does Butterbeer taste like? -kb

  4. I asked my friends to get a general opinion. This is what we came up with.. I thought it tasted like the sounding of the word tutti frutti with butter.
    My friend Jess thought fruity, tangy with butter.
    My friend Annie thought buttery pineapple.

    I hope that gives you an idea! We heard that this butter beer if different than the one at Harry Potter World in London. I will let you know in about 3 weeks.