Monday, February 11, 2013

Pete The Penguin

Today I said farewell to Hank, but adopted a new baby. I will miss Hank. Maybe he will come around again later when he is grown. 

Until then, 

We have Pete! He is a cutie. It snowed here last night, and it's fluffy and sticks to the tree branches. It will last, well I don't know, but I'll give it to tomorrow afternoon until it's all gone. No complaint there! It gets too sloppy. Anyhoo, that is where Pete comes into the picture for a little while. 

He likes to play, and of course, eat! You can feed Pete like you fed Hank by clicking the more button below him (with a wee scroll). If you want to "play" with him.. you have to click on him a few times and he will eventually fall off the ice! Silly boy!!! 

Today I sat down to write an essay, but watched a movie instead. I think I will write my essay tomorrow, and then maybe even a new post! But if it goes like today, then you may have to wait a couple days ;)

Happy happy happy. 

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